Marketing a Small, Local Fitness Center

Create posters and direct mail campaign for a very small, local fitness center just opening in our community.

Fit Camp is a very intimate, local gym run by a nationally recognized weight trainer. Originally starting out under the franchise Fitness Together, Zach has recently spun off his own studio here in my home town. Operating on a shoe string budget (ie: client created logo and photos), he is marketing his services to the community in a tiered approach (targeting both one-on-one training and group classes). His aim is to try and reach adults between the ages of 35 - 55 to help them feel better about their bodies and have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We are just starting out on the process and as membership grows, so will his marketing efforts. 
Poster at partnering community gymnastics center.
Direct mail campaign for Group FItness classes.
Direct mail campaign for one-on-one individual training classes.
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