Interactive Patient Education Guide / Lasers

Interactive Patient Education piece positions Sante Medical as a leader in laser, light and energy treatments

Sante Medical has one of the largest porfolios of laser, light and energy technology to address patient needs in all of Canada. The goal of this interactive guide was to help patients navigate and understand the breadth aesthetic concerns Sante can treat under one roof. The guide is fully interactive and will be delivered as a downloadable PDF. Patients can play video, toggle between multiple services and treatments, and navigate the piece much like a website with interactive cross links throughout. This is one of the most innovative and useful tools I've seen a practice invest in. As they add treatments, video content, and new B&A images, the guide can be easily and instantly updated. Patient education is a big deal and a differentiator between practices and this piece will go a long way toward positioning Sante as a leader in their market.
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