Interactive Breast Augmentation Guidebook

Interactive Breast Augmentation guidebook for Cosmetic Surgery Practice

PROJECT 1: In a 2-week series of new work to celebrate surpassing 10,000 views on Behance. 
This guidebook was strategized, designed and written by Pinpoint with support of photographer Charles Cotugno for patient photography and HD Medical Marketing/Jennifer Longtin for patient videos. 
We publish interactive PDF guidebooks as patient marketings tools on subject matter such as Breast Enhancement, Body Contouring and Facial Rejuvenation. They are generally anywhere from 12 - 32 pages
in length and are completely branded to the practice and physician. In some cases, practices also choose to print a small quantity (without the interactivity, of course).
Links from within the guidebook connect to practice-owned social media channels, video assets, web pages, contact forms, email and share functionality. 
The following guidebook has just been completed for the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Lynnwood, WA. One of the most exciting new features in this particular guidebook is toward the end, where three actual patients from different walks of life and with very different motivations talk about their experience in video, and are photographed with a story and personal quote. 
For more information on guidebooks and pricing, contact Pinpoint and we'll send you a sample of one of our live digital PDFs.
Links to key conversion pages on your site, like your B&A Gallery and your
"Bio / Credentials" can be accessed directly from the PDF.
Guidebooks are written by experienced aesthetic industry marketers through a
collaborative process--keeping your own practice "voice" and "advantages" in mind,
while incorporating subject matter that is highly current and relevant.
Because of it's digital format, changes/updates can be easily executed.
Video of Cindy talking about her experience.
Patient Photo by Charles Cotugno. Patient video by HD Medical Marketing.
Video of Chelsea & Tami talking about their experience.
Patient Photo by Charles Cotugno. Patient video by HD Medical Marketing.
Video of Pamela talking about her experience.
Patient Photo by Charles Cotugno. Patient video by HD Medical Marketing.
Guidebooks are highly branded to the practice website, collateral and other patient touchpoints.
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